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You were made to move, and the dynamic yoga program at Studio Three was made for you, whether you are looking to feel balanced and/or powerful. A refreshing take on an ancient format.

Studio Three’s yoga studio offers a variety of vinyasa yoga & specialized strength-training classes developed for students seeking to improve mobility and flexibility, increase strength, build endurance and develop a stronger mind-body connection. Our multi-level formats are taught in both heated and unheated environments in our picturesque, breathtaking yoga studio. Our expert yoga and fitness instructors will guide you through practices that help you cultivate a stronger, leaner body and more balanced life. Our yoga community is built on human connection and the power we gain when we breathe and move together. We offer quarterly fitness challenges and monthly workshops to keep you committed and growing in your practice. At Studio Three, you will feel stronger, calmer, and more empowered each time you step onto your mat. Join the flow.

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