Well + Good: The Most Popular U.S. Studios According to ClassPass

These Are the Most Popular Studios Around the U.S., According to Classpass

Zoe Weiner | January 22, 2020

The beauty of a Classpass membership is that on any given day, you can choose from a seemingly endless number of workouts. From yoga to spin, from boxing to boot camps, you could try a different modality every day of the week (and in many cities, a different studio every day of the year) and never have to repeat a session. Or risk getting bored. But even if you’re mixing up your workouts on the reg, chances are you’ve got one studio in your rotation that’s solidified its spot as your absolute favorite. As a six-year-strong Classpass user, I know I do.

Chicago: Studio Three

If you like classes of all kinds, you’ll love Studio Three where you can get your spinning, HIIT, and yoga fixes in the same place. The studio prides itself on an effective approach to cross training, since its offerings will help you move (and stretch!) your body in all the ways it needs.