The Ladders: Companies that Help the Environment

These 5 companies will make your life easier and help the environment

Lindsay Tigar

February  2020

People invest in luxury experiences for various reasons and at different points in their life. While for some, a once-in-a-lifetime vacation to a five-star resort is just that, others invest in the best-of-the-best as a way of their lifestyle. However, as more and more activists stand up for Mother Nature and her suffering, many luxury brands are tasked with creating unique, incredible opportunities, travel moments and products that raise the bar—but do not create more waste. Many strategic brands have not only thought about sustainability, but they’ve made it the cornerstone of the experience their customers have. From electronics and clothing to travel and beyond, here are ways to stand out from the rest of the noise—all while promoting goodwill.


Studio Three

The brand: As the name suggests, this boutique and elite fitness studio brand offers three disciplines: interval training, indoor cycling and yoga. With two locations in Chicago, it’s become a favorite with a cult-following.

Their sustainable practice: Every part of their business touches on green initiatives, from the locker rooms and the laundry to building systems and their front desk operations. They do not sell plastic water bottles, only communicate with members via digital mediums, they turn off electricity when it’s not needed, only run full loads of laundry and encourage members to bring their own, and so on. Right now, they’re also working to implement other sustainability principles, including movement sensor ambient lighting, paperless restrooms, greener cleaning supplies and so on.

How it’s changed the brand: “It hasn’t changed the company as much as it’s made us better: more creative, more mindful, more holistic in our approach to self-improvement.  It’s not only about coming to the club to work or workout. It’s my hope and belief, as we have witnessed, that people will generally do what is right if presented with the opportunity.” —David Blitz, Studio Three president & CEO.