Modern Luxury: The 14 Best Workout Classes In Chicago

The 14 Best Workout Classes In Chicago
By Lauren Brocato | September 11, 2023

From HIIT and strength training to boxing and yoga, sweat it out at these top 14 workout classes in Chicago.

Dance and sweat it out through a full-body workout that fuses cardio intervals with strength and toning exercises. There are four group dance class formats—Dance, Bands, Circuit and Tone—that are all exceptionally effective (and definitely fun) workouts, each ranging from 45 to 60 minutes, and offer both new and experienced clients the benefits of learning the AKT techniques, choreography and dance styles in a low-impact, high-intensity format. 1100 N. Wells St.

For those looking to build up some serious strength, make tracks to the new Chicago Bolt Fitness facility. With sustainable training systems and expert coaches, the studio provides the tools necessary to level up by enforcing the basic fundamentals while tying in elements of community and creativity. Choose from strength and conditioning classes, or push the limits in a HIIT or speed class. 4545 N. Ravenswood Ave.

Half boxing, half weights, Rumble classes at its Gold Coast studio pack a serious punch with motivating music, high-energy instructors and 10 heart-pounding rounds for a full-body workout. 11 E. Elm St.

Rise Nation
Chicago may not have mountains to climb, but Rise Nation’s Windy City studio offers a space for guests to reach new heights—literally. Through high-intensity, low-impact and self-regulating climbing workouts, Rise Nation’s energetic climbing classes are guaranteed to get the heart pumping while the body remains balanced and upright. 667 N. Wells St.

Ritual Hot Yoga
“Ritual Hot Yoga delivers a soulful, physically challenging, musically driven practice in 50 minutes that resonates with River North,” says studio manager and COO Irene Hodge. 750 N. Franklin St.

Get your blood pumping at a high-energy cycling class at Cyclebar. With excellent music and motivating lights, this full-body workout will leave you feeling energized to the next level. 720 N. LaSalle Drive

AIR Aerial Fitness
With multiple locations across Chicago and the North Shore, AIR classes offer a killer core workout in the form of aerial classes. With classes for all levels, from beginners and kids to advanced, this fun fitness class is a must-try. Multiple location

Barry’s Bootcamp
We love Barry’s for its high-intensity interval training, carefully curated playlists, world-class instructors and welcoming community. Barry’s signature HIIT workout takes place in the Red Room, a studio full of red light and high energy, while the Double Floor workout is available for those who prefer not to run. Both workouts keep your heart rate elevated, allowing you to burn more calories and increase lean body mass. Multiple locations

Shred 415
Founded in Chicago in 2011, Shred 415 workout classes offer a dynamic fitness experience that combines cardio with strength training for athletes of all levels. Multiple locations

This full-body workout packs a punch, delivering intense cardio in a 45-minute session (expect to burn from 500-700 calories). Expect the bumping music and rhythmic movements to have you fully addicted within minutes. Multiple locations

The Barre Code
At The Barre Code, passionate instructors lead all-in-one programs (Barre, Bootcamp and Brawl) and create a safe space for participants of all levels, backgrounds and abilities are welcomed and celebrated. Multiple locations

Vibez Fit
Offering both in-studio and online classes, Vibez Fit workouts utilize the Power Plate, which speeds up metabolism, activates muscles, builds bone density and more, to enhance the strength, cardio, flexibility and recovery training in classes of just 20 or fewer participants. 664 N. Wells St.

Studio Three
This boutique fitness studio takes pride in its modern, sleek interiors and state-of-the-art fitness technologies. With multiple locations across Chicago, there are always classes available—plus, it’s a great spot to make friends with like-minded fitness enthusiasts. Multiple locations

High-intensity, low-impact full-body workouts on a pilates-inspired reformer have made [solidcore] one of the city’s most popular workouts. With five locations and a sixth on the way, it’s sure to get you hooked after the first class. Multiple locations