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Tracee Badway

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At an early age Tracee developed a need to move her body and create Art. When she discovered both desires can be combined through the Art of Dance, she was hooked. Inventing choreography to her favorite music then having the opportunity to teach those creations gave her a passion for performing and teaching. She moved to Chicago to attend Art School and hit the gym hard (she was known for getting in pushup contests and winning at the local bars). After years of boutique studio hopping, she trained extensively and earned her certification, she even filmed on-demand classes in St. Kitts for a global brand. Leading a safe yet challenging full body workout in an efficient matter is her goal with each and every class. Run don't walk to one of her Hidef, 3x3 or inferno classes not only will you sweat, but you'll probably have a good laugh too!

Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?

Every Genre, Every Class, and I may sing a line or two.

Q: Where can we find you outside of class?

Painting a massive mural outside or Painting in my art Studio

Q: Guilty pleasure?

Wine & Chocolate

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