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About Tara Trombetta

Tara Trombetta

  • Interval
Originally from Pittsburgh, Tara grew up the youngest in a competitive and athletic family. Adopting the same competitive spirit and active lifestyle, she found ways to incorporate fitness into her daily routine ever since her early soccer days. After graduating from Indiana University and moving to Minneapolis, Tara was determined to get back into a healthy and active lifestyle. It was there she realized her passion for group fitness, discovering that the energy and accountability was contagious. Making the move to Chicago in 2017, she was eager to find the right fitness community, and that’s when she found Studio Three. Tara has been a dedicated member of the Studio Three community ever since she began to call Chicago home. Eager to share her passion with others, she earned her NASM Certified Personal Training certification before joining the Interval Team. Tara enjoys starting her days with an early morning class at Studio Three, providing her the energy and clear mind before facing the daily challenges of her role in Corporate Strategy.

Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?

Cooking a new recipe while watching anything on Bravo.

Q: What is one fact that people would be surprised to learn about you?

I don’t like cheese, and the most surprising part is that the dislike is not driven by dietary or health reasons. I know this sounds crazy, but I actually just don’t like the way it tastes!

Q: What’s your favorite non-fitness related hobby?

Probably trying new restaurants (can never try too many pastas!) or traveling to new places. It's a real treat when I get to experience both at the same time!