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Siobhan Carey

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Siobhan started regularly practicing yoga after college when she found herself working demanding jobs in finance and marketing. A former Division 1 diver at the University of Pennsylvania, Siobhan has always loved being active and finding creative ways to challenge herself physically. Yoga was an outlet to get upside down and out of her own head during a challenging time in her life, and over time the practice grew into a passion and way of life. In 2013, she completed her 200hr training at Yoga Flow SF and then moved home to Chicago for a job in Marketing at Uber. Siobhan took the leap to teach yoga full time in 2016 when she could not ignore her enthusiasm for the practice any longer. To continue her education, Siobhan completed her 500hr certification with Citizen Yoga in December 2017. She also volunteered with Africa Yoga Project in April 2017 assisting a yoga teacher training in Kenya where she saw firsthand the power that yoga can have on people that have experienced trauma and life’s hardships. Outside of yoga, Siobhan hits up Interval and Pilates classes, and genuinely loves trying out all kinds of physical activities. She’s also a full-time student at Loyola getting a Masters in Social Work, and hopes to combine her love for yoga with interests in mental health and psychology.

Q: Your favorite way to decompress?

No surprise here, but it's honestly yoga! Finding time for a well rounded, challenging vinyasa class with some inversions and backbends is like medicine for me. It calms me down and fills me up!

Q: What’s your favorite “secret” Chicago retreat?

My favorite secret Chicago retreat is the Garfield Park Conservatory. I love being outside, so during the winter months it is so nice to take a walk through the warm gardens and be surrounded by nature, even if it's just for a little bit!

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is watching Center Stage (a movie I NEVER get sick of) while indulging in some talenti double dark chocolate gelato.

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