About Meredith Fritz

Meredith Fritz

  • Interval
Meredith has been an athlete her whole life as a competitive swimmer. It’s the foundation of her urge to coach others. Post-college she coached swimming while working in the corporate world and instinctually knew she needed to make fitness her full time job. Almost a decade ago she made the jump to become a personal trainer. Since then she's worked in a few different facilities working to perfect her craft in strength and conditioning. In addition to being a certified personal trainer, she is also a certified nutrition coach. She believes the strength we access in a workout room reminds us just what we can handle in our every day lives. The most inspiring part is the harder we work, the stronger we get whether it be physical, mental, or emotional.

Q: Your favorite way to decompress?

As of late, my favorite was to recharge is having AirPods on full blast and while biking on the lake front path.

Q: What’s your favorite “secret” Chicago retreat?

Ping Tom Park - it’s this beautifully manicured park in Chinatown near my home. It’s right on the Chicago River and a hidden gem for those in the neighborhood.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

Listening to Phil Collins and eating donuts!