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Drew Davis

  • Interval
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Drew cut his teeth in the restaurant industry, where he worked for ten years. He held every position from busboy to line cook to restaurant owner. All the while, he stayed active as an athlete by taking every group fitness class under the sun and running four marathons during that span. In 2017, he was looking to make a change. He left the food world and started training for his first Ironman triathlon, which he successfully completed in October of that year. Now, two years later, he's still racing triathlons but has found a home in the fitness industry. Drawing from his training and racing, Drew brings radical positivity to his classes and is not afraid to ask people to push past their limits.

Q: Your favorite way to decompress?

I love to cook. Being in the kitchen with friends and family around is my happy place.

Q: What’s your favorite “secret” Chicago retreat?

Humboldt Park! In the spring and summer, there are flowers and trees blooming EVERYWHERE. It's a perfect place to take my two dogs for a long walk or go for a long run.

Q: What’s your power song?

Bombs Away - B.O.B

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