About Danny Zapata

Danny, originally from the good ole state of Texas, recently relocated to Chicago from NYC. There, he was a full time instructor at Flywheel Sports, SLT (Strengthen-Lengthen-Tone), and a Lead Instructor for City Row. His vast background in theatre and dance shines through in every one of his classes. Each class will keep you on your toes and the tunes will keep you rockin’ through the day.

Along with getting situated to the Chi-Town life, you can find him working out at the myriad of boutique studios the city has to offer, or teaching pilates and other various fitness disciplines.

Danny Zapata

  • Cycling

Q: What is your favorite non-fitness activity?


Q: What song gets you hype and keeps you motivated?

Anything Linkin Park or Fallout boy. Love me my old school remixes w lots of drops too

Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?

Group Fitness - it’s nice to shut up and have someone talk me through a workout after a long day of doing the same. Oh and all the wine.

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