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Danielle Wilson

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Danielle discovered yoga for the first time at 18 and was immediately smitten with the way in which it combined strength, release, focus, and a sense of self-care. She found these elements to be reflective of dance, her initial passion and lifelong dedication. As a dancer and dance instructor, yoga originally served as a form of cross-training and restoration. Her career as a professional contemporary dancer in Chicago was strung together by various injuries due to the toll dance takes on the physical body. In need of rehabilitation, Danielle dove deeper into her yoga practice, and what was once merely a form of physical care, quickly evolved into a platform for self-expression, spirituality, and internal transformation. The yogic mindset, practice, and lifestyle revolutionized her life, and she felt called to guide others in doing the same. This journey led Danielle to complete her 200-hour certification at Passion Yoga School in Costa Rica, followed by a yoga mentorship program. Her power vinyasa style combines athleticism and fluidity in typical dancer fashion, while her love of movement and music shine through her creative transitions and vibrant beats. As a competitive dance coach of eight years, Danielle is a natural at leading and motivating a room, aiming to leave her practitioners feeling revitalized and empowered!

Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?

There’s nothing like spending an afternoon to myself, at a quirky coffee shop, with a good book! The array of colors, sounds, and smells that make up a café ground me in the simple sensations of being alive, while getting lost in a book always leaves me feeling curious and rejuvenated.

Q: What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure, and my roommate would laugh and attest to this, is anything witchy or vampire related. I’ll get lost in a book, a movie, binge-watch a TV-show, there’s just something about the shadowed life of dark characters that really piques my interest. Maybe it has something to do with Halloween being my favorite holiday?… Did I just give you two fun facts for the price of one? You’re welcome!

Q: What’s your favorite non-fitness related hobby?

I’m an artist at heart, so my favorite thing to do outside of fitness is CREATE! Whether I’m writing, choreographing, drawing, dancing, or singing, I am always using life as a forum to create!

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