About Caullen Hudson

Hailing from Columbia, Missouri, Caullen moved to Chicago to study film at DePaul University where he found fitness as a second career while working at the campus fitness center. Involved in team sports while growing up, Caullen’s appreciation for the community and collaborative atmosphere in group training transferred into crafting creative programing for clients and participants.

Now an established instructor, Caullen has been training since 2012.  As a firm believer in effective conditioning coupled with “picking heavy things up and putting them down,” he blends his passion for athletic performance to produce an intense yet unique and dynamic workout experience. Caullen brings his energy, committed mindset, encouraging attitude, and obnoxious personality to ensure a fun and powerful workout to his Interval classes at Studio Three.  In class you can expect to find musical motivation in anything from the beat drops that new EDM/pop mash ups to the trap-inspired stylings of underground Chicago rap.

Caullen Hudson

  • Interval

Q: What is your favorite power song?

"I'm the Man" by Montana of 300

Q: What is one of your guilty pleasures?

Chorizo tacos and whiskey

Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?

Easy, sleeping.

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