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About Caullen Hudson

Caullen Hudson

  • Interval
Hailing from Columbia, Missouri, Caullen moved to Chicago to study film at DePaul University, where he found fitness as a second career while working at the campus gym. He blends his passion for coaching, empowering people, and crafting creative programming in the hope of challenging individuals to reach their full potential. When not cueing between treadmills, benches, and rowers in the Interval studio, Caullen is probably creating with his film and activism non-profit SoapBox Productions and Organizing.

Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?

Anything from the pop mash-ups to the trap-inspired stylings of underground Chicago rap.

Q: Where can we find you outside of class?

When not leading a class or training himself, he can be found shooting films, podcasting, working on social justice campaigns, or taking a nap in the middle of the day with no shame.

Q: Guilty pleasure?

Corporate news.

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