About Becca Russo

Becca Russo

  • Cycling
Originally from Bloomington, Indiana, Becca always dreamed of moving to Chicago to pursue acting. She has been teaching various fitness formats for nearly a decade and is thrilled to combine her love of performance and fitness instruction on the bike at Studio Three. In addition to teaching, Becca has leaned into the "hustle," working as a freelance graphic designer and video editor, caring for dogs and small children, and acting.

Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?

Music to meet the moment -- we might stomp up a heavy hill to Rage Against the Machine then shake it off with a Beyonce "Run the World" trap remix. I try to think about the emotional journey of a class when I'm putting together my playlist.

Q: Where can we find you outside of class?

Walking dogs, riding my bike around the city, performing, and justifying activewear purchases.

Q: Guilty pleasure?

Bravo TV and Swiss Cake Rolls

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