Trevor Wasserzieher

Elite Instructor
Growing up in the suburbs of St. Louis, Trevor was always active, whether it was football, wrestling, soccer, tennis, basketball, cross country, track --he tried it all! He moved to Chicago where he joined his university's Army ROTC program and began training his fellow cadets and civilian students in morning workouts 3x a week. This is where his passion for group fitness really took off. He has loved the S3 community since before he was an instructor, especially how accessible the workouts are to so many demographics and how wonderful the community is. Trevor's philosophy when it comes to working out is to always try your best with today's headspace and body, not yesterday's or last week's!
Q: What can students expect on your class playlist?
Is "total bangers" an appropriate response?! I am obsessed with EDM, house, soul, and oldies, so you'll likely hear a fusion of 80s songs but with a sick EDM remix. John Summit, Valentino Khan, MEDUZA, Tiesto, Megan Thee Stallion, Adele, the entire Shrek 2 soundtrack—all examples of what you’ll hear in class.
Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?
This one's so easy--biking on the Chicago lakefront trail (when it's not too windy and temps are at least 50 degrees :)
Q: What’s your favorite non-fitness related hobby?
Baking cakes! I would love to someday open my own bakery.