Siobhan Carey

Elite Instructor
As a former D1 college athlete, Siobhan has always loved finding ways to challenge herself and stay motivated while doing so. Yoga started as a physical practice, but what has kept Siobhan coming back to the mat are the ways the practice grounds her and positively impacts her mental health. When Siobhan isn't teaching and popping into classes with the amazing S3 community, she's a therapist at her private practice Valued Living Therapy and Yoga. In her free time, Siobhan can often be found hanging out with her husband and their 100+lb Bernese Mountain Dog, Mr. Fred Rogers.
Q: What is your favorite inspirational quote?
"What is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?” - Mary Oliver
Q: What is the personal mantra you live by?
Enjoy your life!
Q: Guilty pleasure?
The movie "Center Stage".
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