Siobhan Carey

Elite Instructor
As a former D1 college athlete, Siobhan has always loved finding ways to challenge herself and stay motivated while doing so. Yoga started as a physical practice, but what has kept Siobhan coming back to the mat are the ways the practice has really shifted her mindset and positively impacted her mental health. When Siobhan isn't teaching and taking class at S3, she's a clinical therapist at Light on Anxiety, a CBT-focused practice serving kids, teens, and adults. Outside of yoga, Siobhan hits up Interval and Pilates classes, and genuinely loves trying out all kinds of physical activities. She’s also a full-time student at Loyola getting a Masters in Social Work, and hopes to combine her love for yoga with interests in mental health and psychology.
Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?
Trevor Hall
Q: Where can we find you outside of class?
Walking around my neighborhood listening to podcasts and visiting my family in UT, CA, TN and NY.
Q: Guilty pleasure?
Grey's Anatomy and Talenti Double-dark chocolate gelato
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