Katy Hanlon

Elite Instructor
Katy Hanlon is a yoga teacher, yoga student, life lover, mindset shifter, forever cheerleader, avid writer and overall- super curious human - valuing community, creativity and connection. A once avid runner, it was through an injury that she was forced to scale back and integrate more “yin” to her “yang.” She discovered her curiosity for yoga after completing 100 straight days of yoga –just for a personal challenge. Initially attracted to the physical practice, she quickly realized how much the meditative and spiritual elements of yoga were positively influencing her life. Upon receiving her certification, she immersed herself into the practices of yoga - both on and off the mat and truly believes that when you trust and follow your heart sparks- your one life becomes bigger and brighter. Katy’s classes are multi-level, creative, energizing and welcoming with music that connects with the experience. She genuinely loves working with students of all levels and hopes to help them find the joy, connection and dedication through their practice as she has found. She aspires to bring everyday life to yoga and yoga to everyday life.
Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?
Oh yea, I love a good MIX- Sol Rising, Kygo, Fleetwood Mac, Janet Jackson Roo Panes, U2 and always MOON (and it went like) by Kid Francescoli.
Q: Where can we find you outside of class?
If I could live in a bookstore I would, but right now, I am likely at home, with my family, nose in a book, coffee in hand and fluffy socks on my feet.
Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
Lots of showers throughout the day! I love feeling clean and helps me energetically!
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