Josh Bush

Elite Instructor
Originally from SoCal, Josh made his way to Texas for college. His fitness journey began as a college cheerleader where he had the opportunity to bring together his competitive spirit and “kid who talks too loud” energy. While there, he studied Kinesiology and enjoyed it so much that he went on to get his Master’s in order to better understand human movement. What started as a curiosity, gave him the opportunity to get into personal training and see past the science. It gave him the opportunity to see the people. That brought him into group fitness and he finally felt like he found where he belonged! In class, he strives to create an environment where you are seen, challenged, and empowered to find joy in showing up exactly as you are.
Q: What can students expect on your class playlist?
Expect high energy, the urge to throw a$$, and be ready to sweat.
Q: What is the personal mantra you live by?
“If it doesn’t serve you, let that sh*t go.”
Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?
Headphones in, on a long walk with my dogs.
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