John Aquino

Elite Instructor
John was born in the Philippines and raised in H-town where the beats of Beyoncé kept things lively. Now, he's ready to bring the heat in Austin! He's an activist for LGBTQ+ and human rights and loves bringing the community together, especially for a sweat. Through his journey from being a rider (in 2015) to lighting up the stage (since 2017), he knows throwing down a great party (his class) can change a person's day, even their life! He carries a true sense of individuality and character allowing him to connect with people on levels that set him apart. Whether you're a #backrowbeyonce, #frontrowbae, or everywhere in between -- get ready for 'The John Experience', where you can be your most authentic self and yell-sing your favorite hits!
Q: What's your favorite inspirational quote?
Do what you can, with what you got, where you are.
Q: What is one fact that people would be surprised to learn about you?
I studied Fashion Merchandising at Texas State and did my internship with Calvin Klein in New York City. I helped design the Spring '15 Accessories collection for all North America retail stores.
Q: What is your guilty pleasure?
Chocolate chip cookies and Raising Cane's box combo with no coleslaw, extra fries, extra cane's sauce and a diet coke.
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