Jess Clark

Jess Clark brings more than 12 years of group fitness coaching, personal training and nutrition coaching to S3 Austin. Also a trainer for and competitor in NPC Bodybuilding (Bikini Division) for 4 seasons, she is widely respected for her approach to fitness, which centers on encouraging athletes to focus on training to build strength, endurance and athleticism – which in turn improves body composition and positively impacts all health markers. “S3 brings together the best programming that group fitness has to offer,” she says. “With classes that focus on interval training, strength training, cardiovascular and muscular endurance, mindfulness and flexibility, our athletes will be able to successfully cross train within our special community. The inclusive and supportive community brings the accountability that allows our athletes to maintain progress and achieve their wellness goals…and keep going!”
Q: Your favorite inspirational quote.
“The only way out is through.” - Robert Frost
Q: Your favorite way to decompress?
Wake surfing on Lake Austin, pickleball, tennis, and wine nights and home-cooked meals with friends.
Q: What is one fact that people would be surprised to learn about you?
I spent a decade in software marketing before starting my fitness career.