Jacqueline Howard

Senior Instructor
Born and raised in Chicago Jacqueline got a taste of the fitness life while competing in Dance, Ice Skating and Gymnastics. She competed all through childhood and college which landed her on the AFL's Adrenaline Rush Dancers and NBA Chicago Luvabulls. Dance took the forefront and actually catapulted her into the group fitness realm. Her ear for music and passion for movement and strength will keep you smiling while sweating in every class. When not at her day job in advertising you can find her in the Torch Room dishing out burpees and on the Cycling platform counting down flat road sprints. She sees every day as a new chance to break boundaries and surprise yourself.
Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?
Without a doubt you'll find some killer hip hop mixed in with hard rock. I love those bass beats.
Q: Where can we find you outside of class?
When I'm not teaching I'm usually bouncing around the city checking out new restaurants or killer art shows.
Q: Guilty pleasures?
Binging Netflix. Total zone out day of takeout and sweatpants on the couch.
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