Frank Wells

Elite Instructor
Frank has been working within the indoor cycling arena for almost 6 years now between various locations across the country. He was born and raised in Kentucky, so you will hear a “y’all” or two in class and a bit of accent on the mic. If he's not on a bike, he's probably catching up on Real Housewives of [fill-in-the-blank], Drag Race, or trying to turn himself into a pretzel on a yoga mat. Frank is 6’9, so he grew up playing basketball as well as various teams sports, and that’s what drew him to group fitness. He loves working together as a team! Frank believes the first step to a good fitness routine is doing something you find fun with a good group of people, so he tries to make sure his classes are a party on the bike with a good workout hidden in there too.
Q: What can students expect on your class playlist?
Music that makes you want throw a little booty around.
Q: What is your favorite way to decompress?
Watching rich women argue on a Bravo show.
Q: What’s your power song?
"Where Have You Been?" by Rihanna.
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