Dani Haboush

Elite Instructor
Dani H is a high-energy Arizona gal who fell in love with cycle while in college at the University of Arizona. Upon moving to the city to work as a CPA, she knew she had to continue her passion of coaching cycle. Expect her classes to be upbeat, as Dani is known to be all smiles while dancing on the bike. Featuring pop remixes, heavy beats, and groovy tunes - there’s a song for everyone. Dani believes in taking the lessons we learn on the bike outside of the room- finding power, strength, and confidence in our every day lives.
Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?
A song you danced to in the early 2000's!
Q: Where can we find you outside of class?
In my kitchen, baking gluten and dairy-free desserts
Q: Guilty pleasure?
Iced coffee during the snowy Chicago winter
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