Colleen Hollis

Senior Instructor
As a dancer, movement has been a huge part of Colleen's life for as long as she can remember. After graduating with a degree in Dance Performance, Colleen moved to Chicago to dance with the Chicago Luvabulls. Colleen started teaching dance at a young age and after spontaneously auditioning for a fitness instructor position, realized she has a passion and talent for it. Colleen also coaches a competitive dance team and feels her teaching style really reflects that - always hyping students up while pushing them to challenge themselves to do more.
Q: What can we expect on your class playlist?
The wildest ride of different genres but always some Megan Thee Stallion, Sean Paul, & probably a little Shania Twain "Man! I Feel Like a Woman!"
Q: Where can we find you outside of class?
Coaching my dance team, at Luvabulls rehearsal, or eating obscene amounts of ingrained.
Q: Guilty pleasure?
I love the sound of bagpipes (don't come at me).
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