Cassidy Rhodes

Austin Yoga Strength + Cycling Instructor Cassidy Rhodes found her way into fitness over eight years ago. With a wish to change her own health, she discovered a passion for helping others with theirs. Originally born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa, she has lived in the U.S. for 12 years, where she received her Bachelors in Physical Education. Cassidy is an ACE certified personal trainer and has also taught rhythm-based indoor cycling for the past 7 years. Cassidy prides herself on leading classes that are challenging, in the best way, and encourages her athletes to give their absolute best. Her goal: To motivate athletes until they recognize how capable they are of getting through any obstacles they face, both inside and outside of class.
Q: What is your philosophy?
In my classes you won’t be alone, we will work as a TEAM to reach our highest potential, only to keep elevating every single time.
Q: What mantra do you live by?
Just one word: Ubuntu, which means “I am because we are.” We move united, we move together, we raise the bar. Let’s do this Studio Three!