Autumn Hinton

Elite Instructor
Autumn’s fitness and teaching journey began when she discovered hot yoga and its transformative impact on her body, mindset, and confidence to claim space in the world as well as her passion for sharing that with others. Following an injury, she delved into strength training classes such as Hi Def and 3x3, which only further enhanced the benefits she had found with yoga and connected her to a community of like-minded and growth-oriented individuals. She encourages those who take her classes to have fun, try new things, and do the work in appreciation of their bodies. Her hobbies outside of the studio such as creating visual art, learning Spanish, and seeking new experiences influence her classes through creative sequencing, diverse playlists, and a fun-loving attitude. Her commitment to holistic well-being extends beyond the studio, embodying a dedication to a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle.
Q: What can students expect on your class playlist?
Catchy beats, old-school hip hop, female vocalists
Q: What is the personal mantra you live by?
Some things fuel your body, some things fuel your soul.
Q: What’s your power song?
Gross by Princess Nokia