Yoga Flow

Our world-class instructors guide you through conscious, breath-to-movement vinyasa sequences, offered in both gently heated and non-heated rooms. While each instructor brings a signature style to their class, expect thoughtfully consistent choreography suited to all levels, nourishing playlists and exciting asana challenges to help you grow both physically and mentally.

Yoga Strength

Building upon the foundations of yoga, these classes are designed to bring additional power and endurance to your fitness routine. They are held in the yoga room and completed barefoot.

3x3 is a controlled, 45-minute class in a moderately heated room. Workouts are broken down into a sequence of three upper body, lower body and core exercises incorporating weights and cardio, repeated 3x. The outcome? More strength. Greater endurance.

HI-DEF is an intense, full body workout. With both 45- and 60-minute formats available, this class takes place in a heated room. Weights, resistance bands and cardio comprise a series of exercises that target the whole body as you burn calories and tone muscle.

Inferno 50 is geared towards a more advanced athlete. This 50-minute, yoga strength-inspired class is a full body workout in a heated room set to 90 degrees. Filled with dynamic movement, you’ll be led through extensive, athletic circuits utilizing weights and your own body as resistance. This S3 fan favorite will challenge your strength, coordination and mental focus while improving mobility, toning and inner grace. Get ready to sweat.