Clip in to one of our Studio Three bikes, featuring a carbon steel split-frame that will make this class unlike any other. Classes are enhanced by stadium-style seating, concert lighting and expert sound engineering. And most importantly, S3’s world-class instructors bring knowledge, energy, feel-it-in-your-soul playlists and the ability to unite our supportive community.

It’s the immersive fitness experience you didn’t know you needed.

Try one of our two Cycle class formats:

Studio Three Signature Ride

Developed and implemented by Studio Three’s expert Cycle team, the Signature Ride is an interval-based ride driven by music. The class is designed to provide athletes with a stronger, and more effective ride. Our coaches aim to build an experience for both the mind and body through purposefully constructed playlists and programming.

Studio Three Rhythm Ride

An exhilarating experience in the cycle stadium, the Rhythm Ride is where athletes can connect even deeper to the beat, to breath and to movement. Grounded and guided by music, we incorporate upper body choreography, sans on-screen metrics, to create our dance floor. The ride is designed to test both endurance and coordination on the bike. Move with intention, purpose and style.