Key Holder

    Studio Three is boutique fitness that offers three unique disciplines – Cycle, Interval, and Yoga – each housed in their own state of the art studio space, to create the most effective and inclusive fitness environment anywhere. We also offer larger than average spa-like locker rooms vis-à-vis the urban setting and common area space so that there is a higher than average amenity space and common area space for customers to congregate. Studio Three is also equipped with a locally sourced café operated by Graze Kitchenette.

    We are looking for a Key Holder who will consistently deliver strong sales and service results. Offering a superior customer experience is our studio’s No. 1 priority, as this location serves more than 500 guests each day. The successful candidate will ensure that the studio is clean at all times, team members are on task, and retail shelves are organized and well-stocked. We are counting on you to keep the business operating smoothly during your assigned shift.

    Shift Leader responsibilities

    • Ensure the shift is adequately staffed
    • Develop and assign tasks to staff members, oversee the completion of tasks
    • Resolve customer issues and approve exceptions to policy for coupons, returns, etc.
    • Train new hires
    • Provide recognition and constructive feedback throughout the shift as appropriate

    Shift Leader Skills

    • Ability to deliver feedback to peers in the moment.
    • Ability to delegate roles and responsibilities to other members of the team.
    • 360-degree awareness: the ability to know who should be where at what time, sees where potential gaps in floor coverage exist, and balances multiple tasks in a high-stress environment.
    • Demonstrates a strong sense of urgency at all times.
    • A true team player. Willing to help wherever needed.
    • Studio Knowledge: Understands the ins and outs of the Studio Three brand, can speak to class offerings authentically, knows pricing structure and membership options, and can coach others on the above.
    • Demonstrates integrity: shows up on time, responsible with keys, works with team to find coverage for open shifts, trustworthy, etc.
    • Entrepreneurial mindset: Interest in innovation and growth in a startup company.

    If you are passionate about working in a Wellness environment, we look forward to hearing from you!