Best spin classes in Chicago

When you’re in the mood for an intense, high-energy workout among your peers, you don’t have to look much further than a spin class.

Spin classes are a great way to get fit and have fun while doing it. Led by an instructor who keeps you motivated and backed by thumping music, these indoor cycling classes can challenge your entire body and get your heart rate up, all while helping you reach those fitness goals and make some friends along the way.

Here, we’ve rounded up some of the best spin classes in Chicago so you can tone up those muscles, burn some calories, and make some serious fitness progress.

The 7 Best Spin Classes In Chicago

Studio Three

Studio Three Cycle in Chicago

Studio Three Cycle in Chicago

Price: Buy 3 classes for $60 or a class pack (up to 50 classes for $1,150)

If you’re looking to add cycling into a comprehensive cross-training program, you don’t have to look much further than Studio Three. In addition to a high-tech cycling studio equipped with top-of-the-line bikes, you can also opt to join the other equally challenging classes offered in studio-like Yoga and Interval Training. They’re intense, but fun!

Find your closest studio in River North, Lincoln Park, or Fulton Market.

Spynergy Studios

Price: Beginners can start with 2 rides for $40 or 2 unlimited initial weeks for $80

Spynergy is a locally owned studio that puts a lot of emphasis on fitness, a great playlist, and community. Located in a cool historic barn in Wicker Park that has been converted into a modern studio, you can follow along with instructors as they guide you through challenging, engaging workouts that will build strength and get your heart pumping at the same time.

As an added bonus, Spynergy also offers live virtual classes so you can enjoy those same high-intensity workouts and infectious energy from the comfort of your own home.


Price: Memberships start at $89 for 4 rides/month, and packages start at 5 rides for $139.

CycleBar classes are an excellent option for anyone who loves to spin hard and track their progress along the way. CycleBar’s classes are led by high-energy coaches who they refer to as CycleStars, who keep the music pumping and the riders motivated every step of the way. But even better, they also track your personal performance metrics with daily “CycleStats,” which can show you how you’re progressing on your fitness journey.

There’s also sure to be a studio near you if you’re in the greater Chicago area. Find CycleBar classes in Fulton Market, Oak Park, River North, Burr Ridge, Yorktown Center, Evanston, and Wheaton. Check out your nearest location for exclusive beginner’s deals!

Studio SPIN

Price: First class is just $15. A 10-class package is $240.

Studio SPIN offers some of the best spin classes for those who are looking to get the most out of each session. The classic spin classes include high-intensity intervals for building muscle and cardiovascular endurance, but you can also choose Spin + Box classes or Spin + Yoga classes to maximize the intensity and target even more fitness goals.

Studio SPIN has classes for people of all levels at their Highland Park location, and you can also access their at-home workout videos online for those days you just can’t make it into the studio.


Price:  First class for a new rider is just $25. Various class packs are also available.

No spin class list would be complete without mentioning SoulCycle! SoulCycle classes boast high-energy workouts and a meditative, almost transcendent approach to fitness that help you “find your soul.” Their effective workouts and strong sense of community have earned the brand tons of loyal devotees and a solid community over the years.

You can find SoulCycle studios in three places in Chicago: Old Town, North Shore, and The Loop.

SALT Fitness

Price: Three weeks of unlimited classes (including virtual!) for $99.

With locations in Bucktown, North Shore, and Northbrook, as well as virtual online classes, SALT Fitness is a great option for anyone who is looking to get into a cycling program. Classes are led by professional athletes and dedicated instructors who emphasize a solid fitness foundation and push you to reach your goals.

Your membership with SALT will also let you take over fitness classes like barre and strength training so that you can follow along with a fully comprehensive fitness plan.

Blazin’ Cycle

Blazin’ Cycle’s motto is “Don’t just spin, move forward,” and it lives up to its name by providing fun spin classes led by instructors who want to help you achieve those fitness goals you’re cycling for. This studio offers a variety of fun and upbeat classes including some for beginners and cardio boxing options, plus personalized training and nutrition plans.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a spin class?

Spin classes are high-intensity fitness classes conducted on indoor stationary bikes. Classes are led by an instructor who will guide you through a variety of exercises, usually while listening to upbeat music to keep your mood and energy levels up.

You can expect intervals of higher-intensity workouts and varying speeds and resistance levels while you’re on your bike. There are also some combination spinning classes that will incorporate other exercises like weightlifting and boxing to maximize your workout.

What kind of equipment do you need to do spin?

Make sure to wear comfortable, breathable clothing (remember, you’re probably going to be sweating quite a bit!) and a towel to wipe yourself and your bike off after. You’ll also want to have a good pair of cycling shoes and a water bottle to stay hydrated – and a good attitude won’t hurt, either.

What are the benefits of spin class?

Spin class is a great full-body exercise. Spinning regularly can increase your endurance and improve your cardiovascular health, all while remaining relatively gentle on your joints. You’ll likely burn a ton of calories from all the high-intensity intervals, which makes spinning a great exercise if you’re looking to lose weight. Spinning also targets several muscle groups including your glutes, hamstrings, quads, and calves for toned, strong legs.

In addition, spin classes are community-based, which can keep you motivated throughout your fitness journey.

Is spin class good for beginners?

Going to your first spin class can feel intimidating: it’s loud and the people can be intense, not to mention the workout itself! Luckily, spin can be good for people of all fitness levels. If you’re not sure about your own fitness yet, many studios offer beginner-specific classes so you can get your footing.


Spin class is one of the best ways to approach your fitness goals. Whether you’re a beginner and just starting on your exercise journey or a seasoned veteran who spends plenty of time in the gym, spin is challenging and effective – and a ton of fun! If you’re in the greater Chicago area, check out these seven great spin classes and get ready for the ride of your life.