When it comes to working out, there is an array of options that will help you reach your ultimate fitness goals. At Studio Three, we offer high intensity classes in Chicago to help you look and feel your best. Located on the lower level, our interval training studio is designed to give you a group fitness experience that will motivate and excite. We help each of our clients take a systematic approach to their exercise routine, from functional warm-ups to explosive, loaded patterns, to active rests and full recovery, you can feel your best from start to finish and get the most out of your routines.

Better Results

Our interval training in Chicago is designed to produce better results than many other methods of exercise, especially those that lack structure. When you join a high intensity class you will improve your overall level of fitness, increase athletic performance, improve movement and raise the metabolic rate, which helps your body burn more calories faster.

We Offer the Latest Equipment

When you sign up for high intensity classes in Chicago, you will have access to all the newest equipment to help you reach a better level of fitness. We use water rowers, advanced treadmills, and other top-notch equipment so you can get the most work out for your money. In addition to the latest exercise equipment, we have also installed a high-tech sound and lighting system to complement your workout routine.

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Interval Studio

Interval training with top instructors for maximum burn.

Cycling Studio

Amazing Peloton bikes. Incredible space, inspiring sounds and visuals.

Yoga Studio

The real thing. Build flexibility, restore your body, stretch your potential.