Cycling Studio

Cycling: There’s nothing like the Peloton experience.

Studio Three offers the only cycling studio of its kind, with Peloton’s unbeatable combination of the best bikes in the industry and nationally renowned instructors in an stunning new space. High-energy 45- and 60-minute class options give you a full-body workout on the newest Peloton bikes—you’ll experience the ultimate in stadium seating in a studio wired with an advanced concert lighting and sound system.

You’ll ride with the hottest music, live DJ sets and more, delivered from the only Peloton studio in the United States outside of New York City. Track metrics while you immerse in light and sound. Compete on the leaderboard with other riders in the class, or just push for a personal best. Enjoy your ride!

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Interval Studio

High-intensity interval training with top instructors for maximum burn.

Cycling Studio

Amazing peloton bikes. Incredible space, inspiring sounds and visuals.

Yoga Studio

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