About Sarah Shaw

Sarah is a runner-turned-cyclist-turned-indoor cyclist. For years, she ran the Chicago lakefront path in the sunshine, in the rain, and in the snow. After one too many marathons, a not-so-nice knee injury forced her onto a bike. She didn’t realize it would change her life. It did. Sarah now cycles both on the road and in the studio, where she was trained by the very best in the business (AKA Studio Three’s own Erin Shirack and Dani Muckley). Since welcoming fitness into her life, Sarah’s whole world has changed. Fitness and its community didn’t just bring her endorphins, energy, and motivation. Pride, joy, incredible support and a sense of self came with it. When Sarah teaches she brings light and love to the room. Her passion for connecting the mind and body drives her class. Sarah looks forward to riding with the inspiring athletes of Studio Three.

Sarah Shaw

  • Cycling
"The cure for anything is salt water: sweat, tears or the sea." - Isak Dinesen

Q: What's your favorite non-fitness related hobby?

Camping and being outside in nature. I've been to 15 National Parks but want to cross all 58 off my list!

Q: What's your guilty pleasure?

Macoroni and cheese. Any kind of mac 'n cheese!

Q: What's your favorite way to decompress?

To be with friends and laugh!

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