About Kelly Magnus

A Chicago-based PR Account Supervisor by day, Kelly Magnus has a serious appetite for keeping active when she’s not at her desk. Kelly believes in making fitness fun so it becomes a daily habit, yet challenging to give you a sense of gratification when your workout is complete.

Kelly found her love for yoga several years ago when she recognized the connection between her journey on the mat and how it was positively impacting her perspective outside of the studio. Kelly’s passion for music keeps her playlists fresh week-after-week, and her athletic background makes her classes accessible to all yoga levels, but a great workout. She especially loves to focus on core work as the core is the foundation for all movement.

Kelly is from Wisconsin and attended the University of Minnesota – Twin Cities. She’s called Chicago home for over six years. She’s excited to inspire and motivate Hi Def students at Studio Three to reach their fitness goals.

Kelly Magnus

  • Yoga

Q: What's Your favorite way to decompress?

Running outside or kicking back on a boat on the lake.

Q: What’s your favorite non-fitness related hobby?

Going to concerts.

Q: What’s your power song?

Finale by Madeon.